Artwork Revealed for "Dummiez"

The Official Artwork has been revealed for Kilo's upcoming LP, Dummiez. On the brink of what has started as a very busy year, Kavadi delivers as promised. The cover features actual dummy dolls with features reminiscent to some of today's newest names including SIXNine, Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert and more, as well as Big Draco! 

When asked why he decided to go with the cover, his response was "I was in the studio one day and I had just did Rocafella, and my producer told me that it may go over heads, and I may need to dumb down. So I got to thinking and realized that its levels to this rap shit, lets drop Dummiez. Its not a diss but it could be if taken that way".

Recently Kilo performed some cuts from the album, making it apparent that this LP is locked & loaded.

Pre-Order everywhere 04.14.2019


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